At True Equity, we redefine sports ownership with a strategic focus on high-value mergers and acquisitions. Our global influence is bolstered by a team of experienced professionals, entertainers, and legendary athletes, making us pioneers in transforming the elite sports landscape.

what we do

We Create Opportunity

opportunity + strategy + team

From navigating high-stakes league transactions to optimizing media rights and supporting strategic sports management operations, we bring precision and innovative solutions to every deal. Our expertise spans NBA, NFL, MLB, Global Motorsports, Rugby, and Global Football, providing an unparalleled advantage in the world of sports transactions.

Our Expertise

we excel in:

Negotiating transformative deals in sports and media,

Structuring capital for maximum efficiency and growth,

Enhancing the global reach and exposure of sports franchises.

our focus

value-creating strategies


We orchestrate high-stakes transactions across major sports leagues and teams, delivering strategic expertise that drives growth and enhances league-wide dynamics.


Our team expertly manages media-related transactions, from acquisitions to licensing, leveraging deep market insights to maximize outcomes for our clients.


We navigate the complex world of entertainment with strategic precision, protecting and maximizing the interests of talent organizations and their deals.

Let us help you navigate the media, sports, and entertainment landscape successfully.